The Garden

Plants are the focus of our and garden centre. In our outdoor plant areas and greenhouse, you will find all the plants you need plus lots of inspiration to help you choose the right items for your garden. If you need any help, we have staff on hand to help and advise you in selecting the right plant for your needs.

In our outside plant areas, we have colourful selections of seasonal bedding plants, planted containers, hanging baskets, conifers, trees, fruit, herbs, seasonal vegetable plants, right through to spectacular specimen plants and topiary.

We supply many types of compost, feeds and fertilisers. Plus weedkillers and slug bait to keep unwanted pests at bay.

Starting from scratch? We have a varied selection of seeds and plant propogation supplies. Whether creating a decorative flowering border or a vegetable patch, we can accommodate your needs. We also carry a number of seasonal items such as onion sets and spring flowering bulbs. Check back with us often.

Every gardener needs tools. From the humble watering can to a finely crafted pair of secateurs, we have it all.

Men’s, women’s and even some children’s gloves in all sizes. Protect your hands from thorny bushes or stave off the cold of Autumn and Winter gardening with our great selection.

Let’s face it, we live in a very wet country. At least your feet can be nice and dry when the weather isn’t.

Traditional terracotta, bright glazed colours, patterns and swirls, and trendy granite pots are now available in every shape, size, colour and texture. We have a large display of frost resistant pots that are ideal for planting with colourful bedding, shape forming shrubs or tender plants that need to be in the greenhouse in the Winter. They can add an array of colour and texture to a low maintenance slabbed or gravelled garden, make either side of your porch look colourful or can be used for planting herbs and vegetables in. Why not pop along and take a look at our vast selection.

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