Summer Bedding & Basket Plants



A visit to ACW Garden centre is a must at this time of year, the displays are full of vibrant colours and heavy scents of spring flowers and herbs. We have a HUGE selection of bedding plants for you to choose from for your garden, borders, hanging baskets or planters.

Most of our bedding plants are grown at Woodbank Garden Centre in their GrowZone which has been nurturing over a million seedlings into hardy plants ready for planting to give you the pleasure of  a great summer display!

Don’t forget that plants and flowers are great for attracting wildlife to your garden…plant nectar rich flowers to attract beautiful butterflies and buzzy bees, both of these species are in decline and play an important role in pollination!

Bedding plants require frost protection. Can be planted outside from the end of May. Whilst we currently have a large selection available this may not be the case in a couple of weeks time.

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